Camping at cherokee Lake campground near trees in colorful orange tent during an early sunrise.
Douglas Lake

Camping at Douglas Lake Tennessee

Douglas Lake boasts more than 500 miles of shoreline, making it the perfect spot for camping with a stunning view of the lake. With numerous campgrounds to choose from, you can opt for RV campsites […]

dougla lake marina
Douglas Lake

Douglas Lake Marinas and Boat Docks

If you’re looking for a fishing spot that won’t disappoint, head to Douglas Lake. From February to March, you can expect to catch Sauger near the Hwy 25 bridge and upstream. Largemouth Bass are abundant […]

douglas lake private boat dock
Douglas Lake

Douglas Lake Tennessee

Douglas Lake, located in the eastern part of Tennessee, is a beautiful reservoir known for its picturesque views and abundant outdoor activities. Douglas Lake is one of East Tennessee’s most popular tourist destinations. The lake […]